J Balvin’s intimacy now on Amazon Prime

One of the most awaited documentaries of the year, The Boy from Medellin, is available to watch globally starting today on Amazon Prime Video. Directed by Oscar nominated Matthew Heineman this documentary follows J Balvin, a global superstar in the music industry, during his return home Medellin, Colombia to perform in front of 20 thousand people that he refers as family. The film displays never seen before footage of J Balvin struggles with mental health, the approach he has for delivering art in his craft and for his persistent actions towards bringing light and inspiration to Colombian people, to his own.

Jaguar Bite has provided production services in Colombia for state-of-the-art content with two of the biggest artist of reggaeton in the world, proof of the company’s credibility among producers and production companies in the world as a must choice to work with in Colombia . Added to the pleasure of working in “The Boy from Medellin” with J Balvin, we recently went musical again shooting the viral song #Rumba, by Maluma ft. The Sun, a recent video production in which global star Maluma promotes 100% organic solar energy powered brewed beer Michelob Ultra Pure Gold, music video that displays fun and colours of Medellin that has received millions of views.